Homemade Weight Hanger for Penile Enlargement?

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Apart from promising male enhancement supplements now available to men, there are also home remedies used to enlarge the penis and serve other sexual benefits for men. Among these are weight hangers. How do these work anyway?

A weight hanger is said to work in favor of male enhancement by stretching the penis, expanding the erectile chambers, and therefore causing an erection. As painful as it may sound, it pulls the penis to the ground toward the ground. This stretches the tissue and allows increased blood flow to make a “thicker” penile size possible,

These are the steps in making a homemade weight hanger:

  1. Buy a clear, flexible PVC hose with a 1 1/2-inch diameter.
  2. Cut a penis slightly longer that your penis.
  3. Make a vertical cut in one side of the hose from end to end. Again, cut it lengthwise, not in half. Imagine this wrapped around your penis with the cut down on one side.
  4. Cut out a U-shaped portion from the tubing. This should be about the size and shape of the head of your penis on both ends of the hose, which should allow you to see the top of the head after “wearing” the device.
  5. Drill a hole through the hose end, right below where the penis’s end will rest. Insert an S-hook into the hole. (Note: You will also need a hose clamp or band and a screwdriver to tighten the clamp.)
  6. To prevent chafing, wrap your penis in protective clothing. Place it inside the hose.
  7. Put the clamp around the hose, practically near the middle of the shaft. Tighten it where the host fits, but with no pain or loss of blood circulation felt.
  8. Attach some weight to the S-hook. Estimate the number of pounds appropriate for a beginner like you.

This male enhancement technique, however, isn’t without a number of risks. Severe injury could follow the tissue deformation caused by the hanging weights. Once soreness or fatigue is felt, it could be a signal that the penis has been damaged.

In severe cases, infection and impotence could result from irresponsible use of this technique.

Safer, more effective penile enlargement methods are much more commonly used, including daily use of a strong natural male enhancement supplement that contains a mix of herbal ingredients know to have natural aphrodisiac properties.  Top selling supplements, more exercise, less smoking, more sleep and reduced stress levels should result in better sexual performance, stronger erections more controlled orgasms and increased stamina and much safer alternatives to weight hangers and other home remedies.

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