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Are You Hypersexual - Learn to Avoid It

We often promote optimal levels of libido or sexual drive, just as we find it important for you to maintain the health and quality of your erections. But what if you are hypersexual or have excess libido? This is something you should tackle right away whether you are single or have a partner, for it remains a fact your partner’s libido is on a different level from yours. It is challenging and complicating to decrease libido, because there is no single cause for it and no one exact solution to use in different cases.

But there are ways you can help control your libido and potentially treat male hypersexuality. Here are some of them:

  1. Avoid sexual stimulation. For instance, avoid sexually stimulating movies, reads, sounds, and other elements. This will help you avoid a sexual state of mind and keep you away from that trap. Keep yourself occupied with non-sexual matters.
  2. Discuss your problem with your doctor. He or she may recommend taking drugs, as there are a number of medications that can lower your libido as a side effect. They are prescribed by some doctors for that purpose and not for their main intended use. Some examples are prostate enlargement drugs, hormone therapies, and antidepressants.
  3. Talk to a qualified therapist. He or she will help get to the underlying cause of your hypersexuality. Determine if the cause is simply being sexually hyperactive or suffering from a sex addiction – those two are not one and the same. For instance, sex addicts do not have feelings of lasting sexual satisfaction, always searching for it and getting hurt or angry when rejected.
  4. Exercise regularly, because this will help release your tension and sexual stress. According to studies, excess libido may sometimes be your body’s response to lack of exercise and looking for ways to cope. Get started in fitness – take up a new activity or sports that won’t over-stimulate your imagination. Make then fun and challenging!
  5. Stay busy. Like in tip number 1, use the time on your hands to think less of sex and focus on other things. Being busy and often on the go can make you tired, in turn reducing your libido. Use the hours of ever day to pursue your passions and various goals. Remember, though, to not overwork yourself and get redirected to wrong, destructive reasons!

Contrary to taking male enhancement solutions, seek ways to address your sexual excess and put your libido levels back to healthy. Seek professional advice for this! Keep posted for more men’s sexual health concerns.

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