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Why Do You Get Male Performance Anxiety

Have you heard of male performance anxiety? This is where you are being anxious about your actions and how you’re faring in lovemaking, and it can mess with the act real bad. In this case, you worry about not sexually interacting enough with or satisfying your partner, and this gets in the way of your erections, your stamina, and your overall potency. The good news is that you can rid yourself of male performance anxiety with a change in thinking – here is further information.

It is unknown how prevalent male performance anxiety is, but estimates have it that 30 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction. About one in five, on the other hand, experience premature ejaculation, which is where you ejaculate before or sooner than expected or desired. These male sexual conditions influence the possibility of this form of anxiety occurring.

There can be various physical causes behind male performance anxiety. It often develops after an episode of erectile dysfunction, which primarily affects aging men with health concerns such as diabetes and heart disease. With this form of anxiety, you frequently have erection loss before or during intercourse, and then you feel anxious about succeeding sexual intercourse. If you have experienced premature ejaculation (where you ejaculate sooner than expected or desired), you can also develop this anxiety.

There could be psychological causes, too. You may fear being rated low for your sexual anxiety, or you may fear humiliation or being unaccepted if you cannot perform up to the standard that you believe your partner has set. There is also potential anxiety if your partner does not orgasm ahead of your ejaculation. A man, too, simply may have poor self-esteem, leading to a case of performance anxiety.

How is male performance anxiety then treated? Viagra, Cialis, and related erection drugs can be prescribed, as they help facilitate proper erection and help increase a patient’s confidence in his sexual prowess in the process. Anesthetic creams such as lidocaine are used to prevent premature ejaculation from taking place, and they work by decreasing penile sensations if it is still not yet time for your volcano to erupt, so to speak. Psychosocial therapy is also seen to effectively work to teach a patient to focus on the intimacy rather than the stress of performing excellently in bed. You can ask your doctor for further information, such as about male enhancement supplementation.

You can prevent male performance anxiety by paying good attention to your physical and emotional health. Control health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity to help prevent erectile dysfunction. Manage your stress well through techniques such as relaxation, proper breathing, yoga, and meditation. Counseling can also be helpful for couples to sort out their issues and differences. Psychosocial potential treatment can work wonders for your anxiety, whether it is done alone or with your partner.

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