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Hardazan Rating: 5th
Last Updated: April 11, 2024

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Formerly known as Extenerex brand, Hardazan Plus claims to be the stuff made of male sexual potency come true. Considering “men’s needs in mind,” this sexual enhancement supplement targets the improvement of one’s current sexual performance or addresses grave erection problems. In turn, users are expected to regain their sexual confidence. Providing a background of erection physiology and how increasing blood flow to your penis determines the beginning and lasting power of erections, Hardazan Plus aims to provide rock-hard erection, sexual stamina, and arousal as supplemental focus.

Ingredient List

  • Catuaba bark, Muira puama, maca root and oyster extract – These are some of the traditionally celebrated aphrodisiacs around, helping increasing your libido and boost your pleasure in bed.
  • Korean red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and Indian ginseng – These herbal extracts are time-tested in rejuvenating your sexual function, and increasing your energy and confidence in lovemaking.
  • Niacin, L-arginine, epimedium, and pine bark extract – Natural agents like these help improve blood flow and circulation in your genitals, causing firmer, bigger erections whenever you will them.
  • Tribulus terrestris and zinc oxide – Both herbs help boost your production of testosterone, the major male hormone that is instrumental in increasing libido and achieving longer-lasting erections.
  • Lycopene, stinging nettle root, Pygeum africanum bark, and saw palmetto – These old-time herbal wonders work to provide not just optimal sexual function, but also enhanced prostate health.
  • Bioperine – This special ingredient helps encourage better absorption of the other ingredients in the male enhancement pill, causing greater gains.


  • Good focus on prostate health benefits, as this is another crucial of men’s health and wellness
  • Lays down features and benefits in a clinical manner, complete with hard scientific data
  • Offers rarely available (but highly rated) herbal ingredients for positive erection and lovemaking effects
  • Herbs, vitamins, and minerals – along with amino acids – are put together in a healthy combination and dosage recommendation
  • Delivers explosive erection results in product trial and testimonials


  • As with other supplements, needs doctor’s advice for those with a special or medical condition
  • Needs to open up more customer service gateways for faster response to inquiries

Final Thoughts

Basing on available information, clinical data, customer reviews, and our own product trial, it is safe to conclude that someone seeking true male enhancement can have Hardazan Plus as a rare gem. For starters, we like the full range of benefits, from erection power to prostate support. Its formidable list of herbal extracts and nutrients are a separate point of awe, as it’s able to combine rarely-put-together yet very effective ingredients in one formulation. And its formula does appear effective judging by anecdotal accounts and clinical trials, which carry a very heavy weight. If there’s room for improvement, it’s optimizing the customer service channels on the website for an enhanced user experience.

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