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Last Updated: July 11, 2024

Natural Gain Plus
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Natural Gain Plus is a male enhancement supplement that claims to have an incredible formula for greatly improving your sexual performance. It is promoted to have been developed by the best scientists in the male performance field who focused on developing a solution that does not pose a risk to general health. Additionally, it is said to utilize its versatility as an all-around sexual booster to help increase fun in its users’ sexual life. According to the product copy, the manufacturers includes special ingredients to address issues such as upgrading sexual desire, increasing quality of sex, and increasing ejaculation amount.

Ingredient List

Aca, zinc, catuaba bark, barennwort, cola seed, American ginseng, eleuther, ginger, pumpkin seed, sarsaparilla, boron, Orchic substance


  • Unique herbal ingredient blend
  • 2 Free Bottle offer on the website


  • Sorely lacks information on manufacturer and its background
  • Lacks clinical studies, recommended dosage, and other product FYIs
  • Relatively more expensive than others

Final Thoughts

Natural Gain Plus is quite snooze-worthy: it makes very general male enhancement claims, and brings nothing special to the table. While uniquely formulated, it does not show any hard data or statistics to vouch for its effectiveness as well as safety value. These are crucial factors for purchasing. Additionally, there are a couple of red flags in the form of lacking manufacturer’s details, as well as relatively expensive price tag. There’s a very slim chance that will take a chance on Natural Gain Plus as a sexual enhancer given these shortcomings.

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