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Last Updated: July 11, 2024

Raging Bull

United States

Raging Bull Spell takes a wildly different approach to male enhancement. Voodoo Houngan Papa Crow says that what the spell can do for you includes creating a dramatic size increase with added inches; making a thicker shaft with impressive thickness; stimulating stamina increase that will leave your lovers exhausted; and bringing amazing huge volumes of ejaculate that never fails to impress.

So how does Raging Bull do all these things? Instead of patronizing “often ineffective procedures, pills, and potions,” as well as “dubious and possibly dangerous methods,” papa Crow proposes a powerful Maximum Strength Triple Casting or Coven Cast. The Single Cast means your spell will be cast at the most opportune time, while Triple Cast is cast three times for maximum energy and potency. Quick Cast, on the other hand, means a spell cast quicker, or within 48 hours of reserving the spell casting. Coven Cast, finally, means the entire cove participating to create the most intense and effective spell casting available.

The so-called Blessed Cloth Triple Cast is available for $49.95, with the cloth crafted and planned carefully.

Ingredient List

Comes with Penis Enlargement Blessed Cloth


  • Body of testimonials
  • Comprehensive online marketing strategy


  • Non-scientific, non-conventional, unproven approach to male enhancement

Final Thoughts

There isn’t much we can glean on about Raging Bull, aside from the fact that it uses a so-called Blessed Cloth and casts spells to achieve male enlargement and sexual improvement benefits. We are providing our readers a strict warning on selling techniques of this kind, as it is on an entirely new realm away from science and logic. The setback in using this method is the lack of measurable results, other than what is provided in purely testimonial accounts. We must credit the company for its unique male enhancement proposition – sadly, though, it takes a painful lot to sell the idea to us who have been reaping the benefits of top sexual enhancers on the market.

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