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Last Updated: June 13, 2024

Stratos for Men

United States

Create by MMUSA, Stratos for Men is promoted to be scientifically engineered to provide the most synergistic combination of herbs and elements for enhancing male sexual performance. According to the site, it was developed in the appropriate proportions in order to provide a maximum and efficient amount of testosterone improvement. Its ingredients, touted 100% natural, are said to be entirely soluble to maximize bioavailability, which simply means more effective in a safe manner scientifically created with the appropriate dosage.

Ingredient List
The following are the primary ingredients of Stratos:

  • Zinc – Crucial for testosterone production in the body
  • Vitamin B12 – Needed for testosterone production as well as energy creation
  • Damiana leaf extract – Natural aphrodisiac for boosting libido
  • Ginseng – Provides sexual energy as well as stamina
  • Tribulus terrestris – Increase the testosterone production of your body through stimulating the release of increases amount of luteinizing hormone (LH)
  • L-arginine – Precursor to nitric oxide, a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the penis for enhanced erections
  • Avena sativa – Increases the amount of free testosterone available for use
  • Guarana seed extract – Offers caffeine for boosting energy


  • Can be taken about 15 minutes prior to anticipated sexual activity
  • Serum form as an option for those who don’t want to take capsules or tablets


  • Lacks clinical findings for stronger, more valid benefit claims
  • Does not reveal full ingredient lineup
  • Costly in the long run

Final Thoughts
There are several good points about this male enhancement supplement, including its serum form, a breath of fresh air for those who have had enough taking pills for sexual enhancement. Five milligrams are all it takes for daily dosage, according to the manufacturer. It can also lead to desired results even if taken a mere 15 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. However, it needs to strengthen its case, too, because it is deficient in scientific data, full ingredient disclosure, and the long-term results to be expected with supplementation. Furthermore, it is relatively pricier than many of its capsule counterparts, and this needs to be justified with great results and benefits.

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