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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

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Pos-T-Vac Medical touts itself s the world’s leading provider of vacuum therapy systems. It is positioned as a non-surgical potential treatment of erectile dysfunction, known as vacuum therapy. It is prescribed by urologists for potentially treating ED, with studies like the American Journal of Urology said to be citing its safety and high success rate. The system is FDA-approved for marketing. Its founder, a self-proclaimed victim of ED, was considered a pioneer in the ED potential treatment industry, designing and manufacturing the first modern-day Vacuum Therapy System. This is different from the usual supplements and creams reviewed on this list, so let’s take a deeper look.

Ingredient List

In lieu of its ingredient list, here’s how Erec-Tech, one of its vacuum systems for erectile dysfunction treatment, works:

  1. The Erec-Tech is positioned over the penis.
  2. The vacuum brings blood into the vascular network of the penis – filling the penis and causing it to become erect.
  3. The soft-gel tension ring is transferred from the penile cylinder to the base of the penis. The penis will stay erect until the tension is removed.

– Pos-T-Vac Tension Systems will hold the erection fully firm for up to 30 minutes at a time, even after orgasm, and will permit ejaculation escape in most cases.
– The erection will subside with removal of the Tension System.
– This process may be safely repeated again within a few minutes as often as required per day.


  • Unique mechanism of action
  • Fast-acting
  • Can attend to severe cases of ED


  • Far more expensive than supplementation
  • Repetitive use may bring about safety concerns
  • May not be appropriate for men with certain conditions

Final Thoughts

Pos-T-Vac belongs to an elite class of male enhancement methods, created to readily and quickly address the problem of impotence of erectile dysfunction. There is a mixture of good and bad points of using this technique. On the positive side, it brings about instant results and satisfactions, with vacuum therapy that is well-researched. It can be a handy option for those with severe ED cases, as advised and approved by their doctor. However, we are for long-term safety and assurance, and we don’t think Pos-T-Vac ranks high in this area. Aside from being costly, this potential treatment may cause certain repercussions with repetitive, successive, regular use of the vacuum system. There are also exceptions to male groups that can use, particularly those with health conditions and special cases.

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