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Last Updated: July 11, 2024

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According to the Vigorax website, your sex life will never be the same again. Vigorax Pure Power is developed by the same people who developed the original enhancement pill formula, which is promoted to extend the length of your penis and provide instant erections. This so-called “miracle pill” is said to transform the sex lives of millions of men worldwide. The results that are widely touted include erections in minutes (getting it up on demand), powerful and plentiful ejaculate, benefits for your female partner (her “ticket to hornyville”), and satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

This male enhancement supplements operates on the principle of your penis’ capacity to absorb blood. The more blood, the pumped up your penis becomes. Erectile tissues carry the blood, and the more of it results in a longer, thicker, and stiffer penis. According to its makers, Vigorax Pure Power works after a few minutes of your first capsule, where your erection is full, hard, and even increasing in length and volume in just a few days. Additionally, it is promoted that within a week or so, the weight and solidity of your genitals, as well as your improved sex life, can be expected.

Ingredient List

  • A blend of herbal extracts and other ingredients not disclosed on the official site


  • Improved formulation
  • Special attention on penis size and fullness, a territory that other sexual enhancement pills are afraid to explore
  • Discounted packages for multiple buys


  • Severe lack of information on the product
  • Lack of clinical data that will strengthen its benefit claims

Final Thoughts

Vigorax is a bold, brave product that is out to get attention and successfully gets it. One can be very much drawn to its claim that it can dramatically improve your penile size, which is often a neglected aspect of many male enhancement formulas – even though “male enhancement” itself is a euphemism for penis enlargement. However, how can we stick around to using Vigorax when we are not well-informed when it comes to its complete ingredient list and other FAQs that will smarten us up in the decision-making? Vigorax rates well in its marketing focus (especially with the reformulated version) and its discounted packages, but we are not armed with enough details to start or continue patronizing it. Hard science should vouch for it, but even clinical findings are missing in the picture.

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