Androfen Summary

Last Updated: May 16, 2024


Androfen is a dietary supplement for male sexual enhancement that has a key active ingredient to boost free and bioavailable testosterone levels. It also aims to increase libido and muscle mass while it reduced body fat. According to human clinical trials, this key ingredient was shown to increase free testosterone, boost sex drive and performance, and promote muscle health and tone.

Testosterone is an important factor to consider because it is a hormone produced primarily by men through their testes, and it is responsible for male secondary sex characteristics such as increased bone and muscle mass, hair growth, and libido. Free testosterone is testosterone in your bloodstream and is bioavailable. Beware, though, because you may need extra support (such as in the form of male enhancement) by the time you reach your mid to late 30s and especially by age, when significantly lower testosterone levels may impact your mood, energy, bone density, and muscle mass.

Ingredient List

Proprietary blend includes beneficial herbs such as fenugreek (seed) extract, tribulus terrestris (aerial parts and fruit) extract, tongkat ali (root/rhizome) extract, and an energy blend of vitamins and minerals.


  • Dedicated focus on testosterone and its benefits to male sexual health
  • Unique blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals


  • Lacks attention on wide-ranging benefits, such as on orgasms and sexual endurance
  • Lack of clinical data to vouch for benefit claims
  • Deficiency in important details of product ordering and site security

Final Thoughts

We highly commend Androfen for putting the spotlight on the serious problem of testosterone deficiency, which has been linked to weight gain, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, moodiness, low libido, and loss of bone mass, to name a few. With this male enhancement supplement, it is estimated that two capsule a day (along with exercise) can help increase your body’s free testosterone in about six weeks, and in the process also improve your sex drive. However, we find a dearth of information on the official website, especially on other practical benefits such as erectile size (so-called penis enlargement), orgasm quality, and sexual endurance. Androfen makers need to address these important aspects to be able to bring forward a highly competitive product in a highly competitive sexual enhancement environment.

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