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Last Updated: April 11, 2024


Can Vir-X’s homeopathic formulation outperform the male enhancers we have summarized so far? We’ll cover this and more as we evaluate Vir-X’s effectiveness.We don’t exactly understand how “A Natural Vital Force Energy Enhancer” fits into the male enhancement business, but we’ll go along with it given the product claims. Vir-X sexual enhancer is a homeopathic remedy designed to enhance sexual function performance and drive. It is taken daily as microtablets or drops under the tongue and can be used immediately on or before sexual activity for additional enhancement.

Ingredients at a Glance

Created by Life Technology™, Vir-X “contains no traces of any drug substance whatsoever.” It goes on to say that “its active principle is simply an energetic code [used] to stimulate the body’s own natural energetic forces.”

Now, we are not entirely sure how the product is supposed to work or how traditional homeopathy, Magneto Geometric methods, and Scalar Neo-Radionic™ Cloning come together to make an effective male enhancement aid. But we can honestly say that we’ve given this product the evaluation it deserves. With no actual ingredients to list down and research, we will give our two cents’ on the product in the Final Thoughts section of this summary.


  • Product can be easily ordered from the official website
  • Product may prove helpful to homeopathic advocates
  • Product comes in different dosage forms (elixir and microtablets)


  • Ingredients, even if they are in their diluted form, are not disclosed
  • Website doesn’t display relevant studies
  • Website doesn’t display testimonials

Final Thoughts

While we’re not one to snub complementary and alternative medicine, we do feel that the product doesn’t do anything to elevate the acceptance of homeopathy into the male enhancement market. We honestly feel that consumers are better off buying other penis-enhancing products, especially those that contain Yohimbe, Epimedium and Tribulus Terrestris.

Had the manufacturers disclosed the components of Vir-X, we would have been more comfortable with the product. When we look at it from another perspective, the problem really isn’t the homeopathic principles that went into the creation of Vir-X. To put it bluntly, the supplement just didn’t work for us. For our money, we’d stick to products we have summarized and found to be effective – male enhancement supplements like Erectzan.

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