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Last Updated: June 13, 2024

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Deferol is an over-the-counter pill for premature ejaculation, said to be scientifically designed to make men last longer in bed naturally. Dubbed as a “natural science innovator,” it is claimed to be pharmacist-formulated and, unlike other serotonin supplements, boosters, or pill that do not contain the required cofactors and relaxants that are present in Deferol for maximum premature ejaculation control and for lasting longer in bed. It’s the science of premature ejaculation pills research, serotonin (5-HT) research, dopamine, GABA, and natural ingredients for maximum-strength climax control for men.

Ingredient List

A patented blend of ingredients that include griffonia seed extract, passiflor coerula plant extract, and essential vitamin compounds and enzymatic cofactors that include vitamin B6, active vitamin B6 form, vitamin B9, and other ingredients for maximum conversion of 5-HTP to its active form, serotonin (5-HT).


  • Claims to carried by known sites such as
  • Available over the counter; no prescription required


  • Reveals only partial list of ingredients
  • Lack of attention to multiple aspects of male enhancement, only climax control
  • Deficiency in important product and manufacturer’s information

Final Thoughts

Deferol, on the surface, is credible with its packaging, its market positioning, and its claims regarding the scientific action of serotonin for maximum climax control and the resulting action against premature ejaculation in men. But we needed to probe what’s underneath the surface, and we found that there is a glaring lack of information and performance needed for Deferol to be considered among the best and most trustworthy.

For one, it focuses only on premature ejaculation and not a holistic male sexual performance, including factors such as erections and libido. It speaks a lot on how it is FDA approved and with such notable market leadership, but does not back things up with hard data and evidence that it works. For instance, ingredient list is only revealed partially, and hardly any information about manufacturer is provided. Potential customers are left guessing, in the dark on what Deferol is really all about where effectiveness and safety are concerned.

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