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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

Official Site: www.Xenocil.com

United States

Xenocil dubs itself as a discovery worth talking about. It promises to give you hard and large erections like you were meant to get – increased blood flow, repair of damaged nerves that hinder erections, and removal of penile plaque to increase size by 25 to 60 percent. Furthermore, this male enhancement product claims that it is “scientifically proven to work from the first dose.” Xenocil is backed by a so-called full two-year money back guarantee.

Ingredient List

No official ingredient list is made available on the official website, or the company’s advertising or marketing materials.


  • Backed by 2 year money back guarantee – perhaps the longest we’ve seen but also comes with a number of caveats


  • Makes exaggerated/preposterous claims about penis enlargement and erections
  • No official list of ingredients anywhere on the Web
  • Lacks clinical findings and other crucial information about product and manufacturer

Final Thoughts

Xenocil is hyperactive in its claims and list of benefits and key advantages. For one, it claims that it can break down fatty deposits in your arteries – how can it do so when it is not backed by medical research? It seems that the male enhancer is masquerading as a miracle pill capable of unblocking arteries in your genitals. Other implausible claims include repairing your damaged nerve communicators and removing penile plaque. These claims appear to be made by an overzealous one who does not have clinical data and other verifiable information at hand. Even the so-called full 2-year money back guarantee is suspicious!

Without the basic product details – ingredients, for instance – Xenocil will remain a fraud and a product that’s out to make outrageous amounts of money from unsuspecting male enhancement seekers. We warn you to stay away from this product and to pay attention to the facts that it intends to keep hidden from your view.

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