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Last Updated: April 11, 2024


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Mandelay is a maximum strength climax control gel available in online stores such as, CVS, and Walmart. It has only active ingredient, Benzocaine, which is a widely used local anesthetic also found in products such as topical pain relievers and cough drops. It is an FDA-approved over-the-counter drug for numbing nerve endings on contact with the skin.

The instructions for use state that you apply a small amount of Mandelay to the head and shaft of your penis shortly before sexual intercourse. Your penis becomes less sensitive on contact afterwards, and this mechanism is said to help you withstand more stimulation than without it. The product does not interfere with latex, so it is promoted safe for use with condoms.

Ingredient List

  • Benzocaine – A male genital desensitizer that helps prolong sexual pleasure. it is formulated to delay ejaculation and help you stay in control.
  • PES-8
  • Polyglycerylmethacryalte
  • Propylene Glycol


  • Relatively affordable price
  • Easy and convenient to use anywhere


  • Safety warnings – never ingest, avoid contact with eyes, and discontinue use with the first sign of rashes
  • Only a Band-aid solution to the problem of premature ejaculation
  • Can rub off a woman’s vagina and caused decreased sensations

Final Thoughts

Mandelay, apart from the fact that it is creatively named, is not so different from other premature ejaculation creams today. It is an instant fix, but does not address premature ejaculation and why it happens. It can effectively remedy excess sensations in men that cause rapid ejaculation, but this can also pose a problem among the female partners – it can decrease the female’s sensation and spoil the lovemaking ahead. So is it a case of too much of a good thing? Maybe, but we’d like to stick to a more concrete, long-term fix for the problem instead of a quick cream that will wear off or pose some problems used topically.

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