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Last Updated: June 13, 2024

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Size Genetics is a penis extender product that claims to be the only one with real before and after photos. It touts itself as “the most comfortable device in the world,” with its Ultimate Comfort 58 Way System as standard. This penis traction device claims that it can help extend your penis easily by inches, boasts free exercises to help strengthen erections, is originally designed to help with curvature correction, and helps improve your confidence in between sheets.

Size Genetics also banners that it only uses medical-grade materials that do not easily bend or rust. Its device, according to its website, also comes with its unique 58 way Ultimate Comfort System and a padded rubber “comfort strap” that does not cut off the blood supply. It promises “ultimate comfort” as the name of the penis enhancement game.

Ingredient List

The Size Genetics Ultimate System contains the following in a single package: the penis extender, massive 2300g tension, 2 multi-functional heads, instructional DVD, ultimate device tension levels, leather case, travel case, Revita Cream aftercare moisturizer, and Traction Plus powder


  • Offers complete package + bonus items
  • Addresses not just penis length, but also curvature


  • Comes with the inherent dangers of penis extension devices
  • Lacks information on actual Size Genetics material and composition
  • Does not provide other male enhancement benefits of supplements

Final Thoughts

There is great effort and a noble intention in the creation of this penis extender, and its thorough product information and testimonials are a plus for potential customers. A single package purchased come with all that you need for penis extension, including tension, multi-functional heads, and product case for discreet handling and proper storage. However, there are gaps to be filled, particularly because this form of male enhancement misses out on the benefits of supplementation, such as enhanced erections and sexual energy coming from within. We would also appreciate knowing what materials the penis extender is exactly composed of for any health consideration, such as allergy.

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