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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

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Nitroxin dubs itself as a “permanent male enhancer.” The premise is giving your partner extreme and intense orgasms through your increased penis size, revved up stamina, harder erections, and intensified orgasms from you.

List of Ingredients: Horny goat weed, vitamin E, licorice root, wild yam extract, red ginseng, and oyster shell

Product Features: According to its website, Nitroxin actively supports your body’s production of pure testosterone, which helps give you rock-hard erections and enduring staying power. Nitroxin then helps flood your system with nitric oxide production that immediately feeds directly into your erectile issue, resulting in more blood flow into your three penile chambers. Primary expectations from using the product include longer-lasting erections and reaching your maximum erection potential, i.e. size.

The website adds that further in-depth studies revealed that Nitroxin’s stimulation of dopamine also nourishes your prostate, helping give you better ejaculations and increasing recovery for another sex round.


  • Offers sample packs and special gifts
  • Secondary benefit of prostate support


  • Lacks clinical trial findings on its site
  • Poor customer service and response
  • Lack of unique benefits and selling points that make it stand above the rest


The manufacturer of Nitroxin is smart about picking this name, as it emphasizes the importance of nitric oxide production for optimal erections and sexual function. In fact, it provides a simple mechanism of how an herb-based male enhancement supplement works, providing the same benefits that span from erection size and quality to stamina and quality performance. We also recognize the prostate support for added related benefits.

However, we feel that Nitroxin is stingy with crucial information – its complete list of ingredients, comprehensive clinical trial results, customer summaries, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). In order to fare better in this highly competitive industry and give the customers what they deserve, Nitroxin should address these deficiencies and show what its formulation is truly all about.

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