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Last Updated: May 16, 2024


Widen your horizons – this is the slogan of Prolixus, a natural male enhancement supplement that promises to safely and permanently increase the thickness of the penis. Prolixus claims to use the world’s only tissue stimulating formula, which was discovered by three former medical students. The product’s official website preaches that girth is more important than length when it comes to boosting a man’s confidence in satisfying a woman in bed because it is what will give her more intense and more powerful orgasms.

Ingredients at a Glance

Living Life LLC, the manufacturer of Prolixus, has not made the ingredients available on the product label, the official website, or through retailers. But they claim that Prolixus is the only male enhancement product using clinically tested ingredients that can stimulate the tissues needed to make the penis thicker, wider, and larger.

According to its website, Prolixus uses TSTS – tissue stimulation transport system – which the manufacturer boasts as “possibly the greatest scientific breakthrough in the history of male enhancement.”

Prolixus capsules use an extended release technology which, the manufacturer claims, ensures a rapid and almost instant uptake of the active ingredients. The ingredients are put inside effervescent micro beads to extend the amount of time they are active and deliver them directly to the right tissues in the penis.


  • Targets increased girth unlike most penile enlargement pills, which are concerned with increasing length
  • Claims to have clinically tested ingredients


  • Does not reveal the ingredients
  • Does not identify the “three former medical students” who discovered the formula
  • “Former” implies that those who discovered the formula did not finish med school
  • Little is known about the manufacturer

Final Thoughts

Prolixus offers something different by focusing on increasing girth rather than length. But while we appreciate the effort to create an ingredient delivery technology, Prolixus’ claims and the supposed science behind the claims seem too good to be true. As long as the manufacturer keeps the ingredients a secret, it cannot expect consumers to consider Prolixus as a serious male enhancement product. Not only is the consumer in the dark over how effective the product is, it also makes him wary over potential side effects.

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