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Last Updated: April 11, 2024

Herbal V
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Herbal V, created by Lane Labs USA, supports male genital blood flow for sexual function. It is positioned as a natural, convenient supplement for male sexual function, featuring a “scientifically balanced formula of herbs, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.” One capsule 2 hours before anticipated need is recommended.

The main benefits of Herbal V are support for male genital blood flow, maximum sexual performance, and a natural-fast-acting formulation. It is a male enhancer recommended alongside the manufacturer’s Fertil Male supplement for healthy fertility level, as well as with physical exercise and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

Ingredient List

Vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, yohimbe extract, damiana extract, saw palmetto extract, Panax ginseng, royal jelly, gelatin, silica


  • Once-a-day intake that could be cost-effective
  • Its makers offer complementary supplements and product for male potency and overall health
  • Coupon offering for discounts


  • Contains yohimbe
  • Needs to prove science behind the formula – and not just cite random herbal ingredient studies in passing
  • Benefit claims are too broad and need to get right down to the specific ways it can help improve male performance

Final Thoughts

We regret to say it but Herbal V, despite its creative name being “Herbal Viagra,” is rather forgettable and too general in its claims to be memorable to male enhancement seekers. While the manufacturer has a full lineup of supplements that increases its credibility and reputation, we find nothing special in Herbal V to choose it among the many supplements available today. For one, it does not say anything specific about how it can power up male erections and increase the length and frequency of the lovemaking. It is virtually mum on crucial areas such as enhanced orgasm intensity and energy levels in bed. We don’t like that it cites random research on yohimbe and its other herbal ingredients; we need it to show compelling evidence of the supplement’s benefits. This is a very disconcerting fact and we’d likely say no to Herbal V for the time being given these factors.

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