Viapren Strips Summary

Last Updated: July 11, 2024

Viapren Strips

While Viapren Strips seem to do what it says on the tin, the benefits may be temporary. Viapren claims to help with erectile dysfunction. It also promises to boost testosterone levels, which could be the reason why Mucuna pruriens is included in the formulation. As a sexual aid, however, we are surprised that Yohimbe is not in the list of ingredients. Research supports the effectiveness of Yohimbe in directing more blood flow to the penis. We are wondering if the other ingredients are enough to give a man firmer erections, healthier sperm and more controlled ejaculations.Designed by the Deen Corporation, Viapren is a male enhancement product which targets the “mechanical and mental aspects of sexuality” particularly erections and the male libido.

Ingredients In Focus

Viapren is taken orally as “under the tongue strips.” Epimedium, Mucuna pruriens, Catuaba and Schizandra are the main ingredients of this product. It is best to take Viapren when one is about to engage in sexual activity. There is, however, suspicion as to whether this dosage delivery system will be effective in the long term. If the manufacturers can back their claims with studies, we would be more inclined to take Viapren at face value.


  • Ease of use (ingested by placing the product under the tongue until it dissolves)
  • Has epidemium and Mucuna pruriens


  • Expensive
  • No return policy
  • Formulation does not contain Yohimbe

Final Thoughts

Expensive and may not work for all, Viapren Strips may boast of fast-acting benefits but we’re concerned that the manufacturers do not put much stock on the quality of their product. Without a return-policy and a free trial, many may not find this product as good value for their money.

On the other hand, male enhancement pills have a good track record and many seem to prefer this delivery system. Most penis enlargers in pill form contain the herb Yohimbe in combination with other testosterone boosters. As an alternative to exercises, penis pumps and/or surgery, male enhancement pills may be the better choice as a sexual aid.

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