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Last Updated: April 11, 2024

Official Site: www.ExpanziteOnline.com

United States

Expanzite is a male performance supplement anchored on the principle of having a bigger, stronger penis, and therefore increased confidence and better performance and satisfaction in bed. Created by LifeSmart Laboratories, it is said to be researched for three years, collecting data from four major cultures. The drawback here, however, is that the manufacturer openly states that there is no clinical evidence for their product’s overall effectiveness.

A bottle of Expanzite contains 60 pills, and it is suggested that users take two capsules a day. The website explains that it should be taken half-hour to two hours prior to sexual intercourse to see performance improvement.

Ingredient List

There is no ingredient list presented on the manufacturer’s website. Although the main product focus is penis enlargement and enhanced blood flow, we could guess that there is something like L-arginine in the formulation, but we cannot be sure without the official ingredient lineup.


  • Positive reviews of the product on Amazon.com
  • Special deals and discounts that make Expanzite on the affordable side


  • General lack of crucial product information on the site, including ingredient list and clinical data
  • Has a very “miracle pill” promotional approach to penis enlargement, which is too good to be true

Final Thoughts

Expanzite is very convincing in its name, especially with its focus on penis enlargement. Not a lot of sexual enhancers today make this direct benefit claim, which makes it in the ranks of a few targeted products. However, it fails miserably in many areas, foremost of which are very important details like ingredients, clinical data, and dosing information. We hardly know anything substantive about Expanzite, and this becomes more bothersome when you consider the share of positive reviews it has (didn’t the users take their pitch with a grain of salt?) The sexual enhancement supplement leaves a lot to be desired, and we cannot give it a high and satisfactory rating without it addressing its glaring deficiencies.

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