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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

Manhood Max

United States

Manhood Max promises peak performance manhood enhancement. It promises to do specific functions, specifically (1) fill the corpora cavernosa with blood, making penis firth larger and erection more intense; (2) act to widen and elongate these tissues for a thicker and longer penis; (3) make you the envy of other men and give you self-confidence to approach women, and have the security of knowing your penis is better than others’; and (4) give you considerable length and girth increase – helped.

This sexual enhancer claims to be a proprietary blend of the nine natural herbs and pharmaceutical ingredients that can increase the size and girth of your manhood. Three capsules are recommended with a meal and a glass of water. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Ingredient List

  • Yohimbe – Herb for supporting sexual function, and can lead to increased blood flow to assist in better erections. It has been warned against by the FDA for concerns on serious side effects.
  • Peruvian maca – Traditionally used for increasing energy, vitality, stamina, and endurance, as well as promoting mental clarity and being an aphrodisiac.
  • Catuaba bark – Used as a tonic for the genitals, for erectile dysfunction, potentially treating fatigue, and insomnia. It is also used for libido enhancement.
  • L-arginine – Improved blood flow to the genital area and gives erections a harder, bigger quality.
  • Avena sativa – Improves brain and nervous system function, and used for potentially treating impotence.
  • Tribulus terrestris – Used for increasing testosterone, improving sex drive, and building stamina.
  • Damiana – With sexual enhancement benefits used since traditional cultures.
  • Bilberry – Contains high levels of tannic acid, and improves circulation in the genitals.
  • Ginkgo biloba – Used for improving vascular function and circulation, especially to the brain.


  • Specially devoted to penis enlargement
  • Combines time-tested ingredients (except for yohimbe, which has current safety concerns)


  • 3 capsules a day are not cost-effective
  • Does not provide the big picture of male enhancement – how about other important aspects of it?

Final Thoughts

We’ve got to give it to Manhood Max for centering its campaign on penis enlargement, or enlarging and powering up the erectile tissues of the penis for a bigger size and lasting potency. But if you buy a bottle of 60 capsules, know that it could only last for about 20 days, because 3 capsules are recommended a day. This doesn’t sound cost-effective to us and may be wasteful in the long run. It should also provide more information to its potential customers and not just rely on its visibility on many online stores.

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