Tongkat Ali in the Best Male Enhancement Products

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Tongkat AliLong before the discovery of the commercially advertised Viagra, Tongkat Ali has already been used, and is usually referred to as the “Malaysian Viagra.” The enhancement properties of this herb have been known for several years now, with its benefits already being enjoyed by Malaysian men. It was only during the previous decade when the West has finally caught the uses of this amazing natural aphrodisiac.

With the scientific name Eurycoma longifolia Jack, Tongkat Ali is one famous herb that has numerous purported benefits. Based on British Journal of Sports Medicine, its active constituents include eurycomanol, eurycomanon and eurycomalacton. The studies that delved deeper into these active components have shown some of the herb’s possible uses as an aphrodisiac, cancer-fighting agent an ergogenic aid.

Libido Enhancer

Since Tongkat Ali is considered to be something that can boost the sexual hormone testosterone in males, it can also be used as a general sexual aid for men or a libido enhancer. Based on a study conducted in 2003 in “The Journal of Phytomedicine” by Ngai TH, Tan TH, and Ang HH, when Tongkat Ali extract has been administered to some middle-aged rats, the rodents’ sexual performance has been increased in relation to its placebo group. The primary effect that has been observed was the reduction in the rats’ hesitation time, which indicates that they had an increase in libido.

Anti-Cancer Agent

It has also been revealed that Tongkat Ali has the possibility of acting as an agent to fight cancer since several of its chemical constituents were discovered to possess anti-cancer effects. Based on the study in “Anticancer Research” journal conducted by Azimahtol HL and Tee TT, Tongkat Ali extract has exerted some anti-proliferative effects in opposition to the cancer cells in the human breast. Based on the study published “The Journal of Natural Products” and conducted at the National Cheng Kung University, Tongkat Ali extract has killed the cancer cells in the human lungs and even demonstrated anti-malarial effects.

Ergogenic Aid

Another purported use of Tongkat Ali is it being an effective ergogenic aid, or supplement which can enhance the adaptive response of the body to exercise. This herb is deemed to produce this particular effect through increasing the testosterone levels in the body, the male sexual hormone that can affect the performance and size of the muscle. Based on A. Yusof and S. Hamzah’s 2003 study published in “The British Journal of Sports Medicine,” an extract of Tongkat Ali, combined with proper program for weight training, can increase the lean mass of the body and tissue fat loss, supporting the claim of Tongkat Ali being a good ergogenic aid.

However, if you will be taking male enhancement products or other supplements for that matter that contain Tongkat Ali, it is important that you seek the advice of your doctor first. There are some users who have reported suffering from various side effects, including anxiety, restlessness, and the inability of sleeping or sustaining sleep. Nursing and pregnant women should never take Tongkat Ali. Those men who have been diagnosed with prostate or breast cancer must also refrain its use since this can increase testosterone and any alteration in men cancer patients’ testosterone level can be fatal. People suffering from the conditions below must also stay away from taking Tongkat Ali in whatever form:

  • Heart ailments
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Liver disorders
  • Kidney disease
  • Sleep apnea

Users must be extra careful even though there are already numerous male enhancement products that use this herb in their formula. Above everything else, consult your doctor to ensure safety at all times.

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