Testicular Massage to Improve Erections, Fertility and Libido

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Through giving your testicles with a daily massage, you will be able to increase the levels of testosterone in your body, fight off erectile dysfunction, boost your fertility and sex drive, and have stronger and longer erections to top it all. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The only things that you would need would be your testes and your hand, plus several minutes every day and you can already reap as much benefits than you can ever imagine. If you think that you have heard and read all of these before, then, better keep reading and you will surely get the surprise of your life to know that this kind of simple trick actually has the ability of giving the best male enhancement results and improve your sexual health so much better than you have ever thought of.

Testicular Massage – How Does It Help?

  • Through massaging your testicles, you will be able to naturally and quickly increase the production of testosterone by your body. Once the testicles are in good health, they will be able to generate as much as 7 milligrams of testosterone every single day. But, once your testicles are not in good shape, these will only be able to produce a meager 1 milligram of testosterone each day.
  • Greater generation of sperm and increased volume of ejaculation is also one benefit that you can expect from testicular massage. The increase in sperm and semen volume also raises your levels of fertility. Couples who are suffering from issues on conceiving a child will be glad to find that this massage can increase their chances of getting pregnant.
  • If you have had problems on keeping or getting erections, testicular massage can be of great help. This can increase the flow of blood and as mentioned earlier, it can improve the production of testosterone at the same time. For you, this then means better, stronger, and more erections.

How to Do Testicular Massage

  • Ran a hot washcloth under the tap. Wring this out and place on your testicles for several minutes while it is cooling off. This will help loosen the skin and open those blood vessels in order to get more amounts of blood flow to the testes. When the washcloth becomes slightly cooled, remove this and go on with the massage.
  • Make an okay sign with your forefinger and thumb and grab your scrotum’s base. You will form a ring around your testicle’s base. Squeeze then pull on them down until they are pressed tight and no longer able to move. You will not want them moving around while you do the massage.
  • Using your other hand’s palm, massage your testicles in circular motion while applying gentle pressure. You do not rub them. You just keep the palm in contact with the testes as you massage them. Meanwhile, pull on your scrotum downward then push gently upwards. So, while your one hand massages your testicles in circular motion, the other is busy moving these up and down slowly. Some time might be needed for you to get used to this. You can do the massage for not less than 3 minutes but not over 5 minutes.

Once you are done performing the testicular massage, you are going to notice that they now feel much fuller and are hanging lower than before. This is the result of the increase in the flow of blood and positively indicates that you have done things right. Perform this massage in order to improve your sex drive, fertility, and combat erectile dysfunction.

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