Should You Really Add a Few Sizes to Your Testes?

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Today, there are plenty of guys who are in the search for the different methods that can help them increase the size of their penis. However, they usually forget and even overlook their testicles’ size. If your testes are smaller compared to the average, this is not just all about wanting to have larger testicles for the purpose of looking better for this can also mean that your testosterone levels are lower than the usual. With the help of several male enhancement herbs, it is now very possible for you to make your testicles much bigger than before.

Why Do You Have Small Testicles?

You are probably wondering why you happen to have smaller testicles compared to those other guys that you know. This condition is probably the effect of a couple of reasons. For one, it might be because of hormonal imbalance or the effect of genetics. In case the levels of you testosterone as well as other male hormones or androgens are low, there is a big possibility for your testes to be undersized.

Are There Side Effects to Having Small Testes?

Apart from feeling too conscious of yourself, if you are suffering from small testicles and hormonal imbalance, you might also find out that you are suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction, poor stamina for sex or even impotence.

Hormone Replacement to Potential Small Testes

If you have undergone a checkup and your physician found out that your testosterone and other androgen levels are low, you can actually choose to have HRT or hormone replacement therapy. Through this, there is a chance for your testicles to grow larger, although this procedure comes with a lot of side effects, which can include cancer risks. If you do not want to compromise your health just for the sake of making your testes bigger, there are still herbal potential tips that you can try.

Tongkat Ali

A staple ingredient in most natural male enhancement products, tongkat ali has long been used by the men in Malaysia and all of them have experienced great results from doing so. According to studies, this particular herb can elevate the levels of the hormone which is responsible in the stimulation of cells in a man’s testicles. There are also users who have reported a notable increase in their semen production and the size of their testicle in a matter of two weeks prior to the use of the said supplement.


There are already several research studies conducted on this herb as well as how it is connected to growth of testicles. The rats that have been administered with ashwagandha have experienced a significant increase in their testicles’ size. Also, this herb is helpful in increasing the production of sperm, which is the reason why it is commonly added to the different male enlargement products that you can find today.

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is not only proven to help in increasing the size of testicles and the amount of production of sperm for at the same time, this can help the body in producing more amounts of testosterone. This will then result to heightened orgasms and increased sex drive.

In case your testicles are much smaller than the average, there is no longer a need for you to live with this and be the cause of laughter among your friends. There are now numerous methods that you can try and before you submit yourself to HRT, you might as well want to try the different herbal products for male enhancement that are proven safe and effective.

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