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Last Updated: December 13, 2018

Magnum Instincts

United States

Magnum Instincts is a male enhancer that is a synergistic formulation pharmaceutical-grade ingredients such as beta alanine, Cordyceps sinensis, epimedium, maca powder extract, and L-lysine, to name a few. According to its product information, it will first and foremost reduce the stress caused by an inability to perform under pressure, but it is said to do much more, such as increasing sexual desire and potency to maximum levels. It boasts of combining fatigue alleviation, physical endurance improvement, libido enhancement, and sexual restoration to make you “feel like a teenager again.”

The main benefit claims of this product, said to be as demonstrated by multiple studies, are sex drive and arousal, nitric oxide production, testosterone production, better sperm quality, motility, and better consistency in lovemaking. The product encourages male enhancement seekers to man up with Magnum Instincts.

Ingredient List

Beta alanine, Cordyceps sinensis, epimedium, maca powder extract, L-lysine, L-citrulline malate, Lycium barbarum, and zinc monomethionine, magnesium stearate, silicone dioxide


  • Lists complementary products from Magnum
  • Addresses sperm health and quality, which other products fail to target
  • 10-capsule packs are fit for those who don’t want to commit long-term to using the product


  • Two-capsules-a-day recommended dosage can be optimized
  • Lack of clinical data and reviews/testimonials
  • Lack of sexual enhancement focus (too-broad benefit claims)

Final Thoughts

Magnum Instincts comes across as a very strong and viable contender in the sexual enhancement scene. With the complementary supplements and products (as well as its well-targeted marketing), it has the potential to really make it big in powering up male performance in bed. Our fundamental problem with it, however, is that it claims so many benefits at the same time without really offering numbers and evidence. It is silent on clinical research that may help its cause. It also doesn’t help that it doesn’t enjoy a loyal following yet, with no reviews or testimonials to count on. We find this concerning and lead us to conclude that there isn’t much to rejoice over this formulation.

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