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Last Updated: December 13, 2018


Dapovar boasts 5-hydroxytryptamine, and has been shown in “a blockbuster new human clinical study” on premature or rapid ejaculation to have a natural compound combination that can dramatically increase a man’s ability to control and delay ejaculation while skyrocketing sexual pleasure. It has a unique molecular profile to safety manipulate SSRO receptors in your brain, enabling you to delay ejaculation in a significant manner in 94 percent of men. Additionally, the compound recorded a 317 percent increase in sexual pleasure of men tested.

The new compound was developed and first sold in Holland, and has been approved for sale in the United States under the trade name Dapovar. It is considered an opportunity to men of all ages to increase the duration of their sexual experience without resorting to man-made prescription medications or chemicals, or resorting to ineffective ejaculation creams.

Ingredient List
Graffonia seed extract (5-hydroxytryptamine), folic acid, passion flower, kava kava, vitamin B6


  • Comprehensive website information
  • Classified as a non-drug – a supplement boasting a natural compound for sexual enhancement
  • Promoted safe to take along with other male enhancement pills and drugs like Viagra


  • Further scientific testing needed on 5-hydroxytryptamine safety and efficacy
  • Two capsules per day is not very cost-effective
  • Lacks customer reviews and testimonials

Final Thoughts
Dapovar brings something new to the table: its own natural compound that is not used or promoted by other products of its kind. 5-hydroxytryptamine has natural roots and is therefore very promising in the arena of enhancing sexual stamina or fighting the recurring problem of premature ejaculation. We appreciate this focus on a particular male sexual concern, which affect and afflicts so many today. However, safety and not just effectiveness should be proven, and it should be very well established that using Dapovar won’t yield to unforeseen, unwanted side effects like prescription drugs Viagra and Cialis. And while we’re at it, allow us to speculate that Dapovar is also marketed and packaged like a prescription med.

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