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Last Updated: January 11, 2018


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Colossal, another male enhancement supplement that has heavy reliance on marketing hype and advertising, is created by a Scottsdale, Arizona business and banners an approval from a certain Dr. G. Rosenberg MD. It is a combination of natural herbal extracts and ingredients that assist in boosting erection power, volume, and strength. Two pills are recommended per serving.

The main boosters are longjack, L-arginine, and maca extract. Longjack, for instance, is famed for its testosterone-boosting properties and for significantly enhancing sexual endurance and performance. According to research from the College of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Malaysia, longjack generates a dose-dependent rise in sexual performance of subjects and has a powerful role in sexual arousal.

Colossal helps a normal boost in erection measurements of 25 percent.

Ingredient List
Tribulus terrestris, yohimbe extract, niacin, epimedium sagitatum, avena sativa, maca root, potency wood, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, oat straw, ginseng, catuaba, nettle leaf, orchic substance, oyster shell, cayenne, and pumpkin seed


  • Contains powerful natural herbal extracts for sexual enhancement
  • Contains a handful of testosterone boosters, mostly in the form of longjack
  • Offers own clinical data as benchmark for performance


  • Lacks FAQs and other critical information about the product
  • Severe customer service deficiency

Final Thoughts

Colossal banks on its manufacturer and marketing overhype, but does it truly deliver male enhancing results? To a certain degree, yes, as shown in our product trial. Their findings, however, differ from ours quantitatively, and the difference in percentage is not so narrow. We appreciate the inclusion of powerful natural extracts that are time-tested for this very goal, but we lament the fact that the manufacturer does not devote time, attention, and effort to putting more information out there about their wares. We are left wanting where crucial details are concerned, as well as in the customer service that every product should work hard to provide.

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