ASP for Men Summary

Last Updated: December 13, 2018

ASP for Men

ASP Stands for “Advanced Sexual Performance” and is marketed as a natural male enhancement supplement intended to help enhance libido and erection quality and strength. Customers who have used this product, according to, state that ASP for Men works in as little as 30 minutes and can last up to six hours. ASP is positioned as a safe, all-natural product that’s specially formulated not only to assist in maintaining erections but also to increase men’s sexual pleasure and performance. Other benefits claims of ASP for Men are more powerful orgasm strength and quality.

This sexual enhancer is available in 30-capsule bottles, with a recommended daily dose of up to two capsules taken once. Is it marketed to offer immediate results (within 30 minutes).

Ingredient List



  • Relatively affordable price
  • Does not contain yohimbe, which is hounded by safety issues
  • Results are noticeable in as early as 30 minutes


  • Lack of clinical data that will strengthen the product’s benefit claims
  • Lack of credible web presence and the necessary information for informed purchase

Final Thoughts

ASP for Men is among the cost-effective offerings on the sexual enhancement trade today, with a price that’s below 40 dollars for a 30-capsule bottle. It appears that it can be worth your money, given its natural formulation (yohimbe-free) and offer erection, sexual stamina, libido, and orgasm benefits in as little as 30 minutes. This number we have verified from our product trial, but not the six-hour length of time that ASP for Men works. We are convinced of its good intentions and uncomplicated positive action, but we are on the lookout for good, reliable information that can convert someone to this brand. The makers of this supplement need to release the full ingredient list, clinical findings, and other pertinent details to ensure safety, quality, and high performance of ASP for Men.

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