Men’s Testosterone Levels Drop After Becoming Fathers

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In men, lack of sufficient testosterone is commonly related with their effeminate behavior as well as overall sissiness. However, do you know that scientists have actually uncovered one shocking brand new truth as far as male hormones are concerned that is bound to shock the whole male enhancement industry. It turned out that having a low testosterone level is pretty much a natural aspect of the life cycle of men. And as it so happens, those males who are most virile are also the ones who will unfortunately lose the most.

The said findings have been revealed in a certain study. There were a total of 620 males who have participated in the study that lasted for more than a period of four and a half years. The levels of testosterone of these men have been measured with the use of the saliva samples both during the start as well as the end of the period of study, in the evenings and mornings alike.

Based on research, it was revealed that those men who have high hormonal levels in the morning to start with have more chances of becoming fathers once the study comes to an end. On the other hand, though, it was also revealed that when a man becomes a father, his testosterone levels become about 26 percent lower during mornings and 34 percent lower at nighttime as compared to the levels that he used to have before becoming a father. This is a great difference from the usual drop of 14 percent that is associated with normal aging.

In addition, men who are spending 3 or more hours each day taking care of their kid tend to experience more drops in the levels of their testosterone as compared to those men who are not that involved in raising their kids. It only goes to say that mere awareness of becoming a father is not the sole cause for the drop in testosterone levels because even interaction with the child also plays a crucial part in this condition. The biggest testosterone drops took place during the infancy of the child. Fathers of the newborns have chances of experiencing a median drop in testosterone of 50 percent that continues until the toddler years of the child.

This happened despite of the original levels of testosterone of the man. The author of the study claimed that there is one crucial distinction that needs to be made based on the study. It was not revealed that fathers who have the least levels of testosterone were the ones who are inclined to be caregivers. It only makes since because testosterone is being closely associated to traits like virility, strength and aggression that are crucial for survival, both genetic and purely physical. Men who have high levels of testosterone might be the ones who have more competitive edge when it comes to the human habits of mating. But this is basically where this competitive edge will stop. Risk taking and aggression are definitely not desirable traits for a man with a child, so the testosterone will drop. It has been seen in different species in which the males are the ones taking care of their offspring.

Male enhancement products can do help these men but on the other note, it also shows that low levels of testosterone is not totally negative in this particular aspect. So, the next time that you notice a man who mellowed after he became a father, you already know that it is just because of hormones.

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