Male Enhancement: How to Experience More Intense Orgasms

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Orgasms occur for the purpose of releasing sperm. It has been suggested that orgasms are pleasurable so that male animals would have more sexual drive to fertilize their female counterparts.

The male orgasm is not quite as enigmatic as a female orgasm but scientifically speaking, it is still a fairly complicated process.

During an orgasm, your sexual muscles – including all the muscles in and surrounding the penis, the anal sphincter, and the prostate – contract, rhythmically tightening up and relaxing.  Some men can even experience what is known as a full-body orgasm when other parts of their body contract while ejaculating.

These orgasmic contractions usually occur less than a second apart, with the entire orgasmic experience lasting 10 seconds after five to 15 contractions.

Orgasms usually feel good but wouldn’t you want them to feel even more intense? It’s possible to increase the length, power, and strength of your orgasms. Here are some things you can do to intensify and prolong your orgasms:

  • Abstinence

Easier said than done. It’s not always possible to abstain from sex but not experiencing orgasms for at least a week will create a buildup of sexual tension. You can also not abstain from sex or intercourse – just the actual orgasm. Both options will give you more semen for the release, which always results in a happier ending.

  • Boost Your Semen Production

The more semen you can ejaculate from your penis, the stronger the orgasm you will experience. Volume enhancers are male enhancement supplements that are formulated to increase semen and sex drive. Taking a quality male enhancement supplement, however, does more than increase volume and libido. It helps you achieve harder, larger, and longer erections, boosts your stamina, and promotes your overall sexual health.

  • Exercise Your PC muscles

Your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles are a big part of your orgasm. The easiest way to find your PC muscle is by taking a leak and trying to stop urinating mid-flow.  You’re flexing your PC muscle when you stop your urination. It can be a little hard to find on a regular basis when you’re beginning, but you’ll have no additional problems once you locate it.  Learn how to contract and release it much like exercising any other muscle in your body.

  • Have More Patience

Enjoy the full experience of making love and slowly build up to your orgasm.  If you can hold out, try to “edge” – control yourself just shy of the point of no return or actual orgasm for as long as possible.  With practice, you can edge for not only minutes but for hours. Mastering edging can help you experience an extremely intense orgasm that will be accompanied with stronger contractions and a longer lasting climax.

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