Ways to Reduce an Enlarged Prostate

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While considering various male enhancement options, you may also be seeking solutions for urinating problems along the way. You must remember that an enlarged prostate may be causing this.

Responsible for manufacturing semen, the male prostate gland enlarges over time. The Mayo Clinic states that from pea size, it could grow as big as a walnut during a man’s 40 to 45 years of life. A second spurt of growth could be expected after this.

What happens here? The prostate compresses the male urethra that it surrounds. This could eventually lead to difficulty in urinating.

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Here are some effective ways to help reduce an enlarged prostate:

  • Relax in a warm bath twice or thrice daily for up to 20 minutes. This first step is recommended to reduce the swelling in the prostate. If you’re suffering from an enlarged prostate, it’s also advisable to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Such activity can worsen the condition of your prostate.
  • Medicate. Proscar and Avodart are among the brands that may help improve your condition. They work by affecting an enzyme that causes growth among prostate tissues. Consult a doctor regarding this; results may be seen from one to six months.
  • Opt for microwave treatments. Urologists may use this potential treatment when it comes to mild cases of prostate enlargement. Through a catheter passing through the penis, microwaves bombard the gland and reduce the enlargement.
  • Choose prostate gland surgery. Different surgical procedures – usually called trans-urethral resection – may help reduce prostate enlargement and bring urinary flow back to normal levels. This surgery requires you to be under anesthesia, with a catheter placed in the area for as long as three days.
  • Make simple health decisions. Cut down on your fat intake. Avoid antihistamines. As much as possible, avoid being exposed to cold weather. Exercise regularly and have plenty of time for relaxation.

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